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Ok, I'm pissed

Thrice I've ordered ISPQ. Thirce nothing has happened. Now, after ninety days of telephone conversation, one exchange of letters and about a jillion e-mails, they billed my credit card for the product no less than six times. I can cut 'em off, and have. It won't cost me, but what sort of fools are these people?

Don't answer that, I don't want to know.

Never try to do anything out of the ordinary over the Internet. If they want you to download a trial version first download it. If they're not good at letting you buy something for someone else, send the recipient of your gift the money and instructions on how to buy it themselves.

I hate "spoilers" like this. I must remember never to look at mail this early in the morning. I should have read it yesterday and ruined my afternoon instead of my whole day today.


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