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Summary for the week

I've completed a full week at work. Joy! It has been exhausting and frustrating. I turned in my time last week, but payroll failed to notice. I called them Friday and they promised to mail me a check the same day. I should have it Monday. It will be most welcome.

Lunch-by-lunch seems to be a dismal prospect for my diary. I had sandwiches I brought with me to work for four of five days. I see no immediate prospects for alleviating that situation. I don't seem to be fitting into the "culture" at work more than I ever did. There doubtless are people that go out to lunch. I must seek them out.

There is some prospect of getting a bit of help next week or the one after. I am getting by through the expedient of cutting and pasting anything I need to read into word and bouncing the font to about 100pt. Tedious and unsatisfying in the extreme, I don't know what to do for an alternative. In a week or so the group from work should show up with software and things to help. I hope it is not much longer.

I "slept in" to day, arising at the shocking hour of 6:30 to be greeted with "good afternoon" by my mother. She had been up since 4:00. I am becoming a morning person in spite of my natural inclinations. I'm exhausted by noon most days.

My cousin Jim brought his mother to visit. My mother's other sister came to visit as well, so the average age in the house was 64.6 (87,85,99,69,63/5). Alarming.

All have gone home at this hour. Time to crash.

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