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For a wonder

I slept straight through last night. I don't feel rested though. Damn!

Ringbark writes: "…Badvogato has lost its way." I think that a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I disagree, however.

Like the BBSs back in the olden times, Badvogato seems to be undergoing reincarnation to fit the image of it's makers. The current clique is redefining the site to suit themselves. So it always is. There will be newcomers who feel the cold shoulder and depart, old timers who hate the changes because something familiar that they liked is going away. There will be one or more assholes who come in and crap all over everyone, piss people off and maybe even one that simply refuses to go away. The site will likely degenerate as the most frequent posters gradually say all that they have to say and they and their colleagues no longer find it necessary or fun to argue. Some posters will leave and a new clique will arise and go through the same tribulations.

NuniaBiz conjectures that there is some transference between LiveJournal and Badvogato. I suspect that we'll see some of every sort, good and bad. I think there will be some transference both ways. I have hopes, however for Bad. I think the concept is an appealing one that will draw people back. As long as people keep coming back, there will occasionally be some newcomer(s) that re-vitalize the rest.

As for me, where else can I hobnob with my fellow evil overlords?


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