Karl (louderback) wrote,

Tuesday's Lunch Adventure: we have discovered yet another place not to go for lunch in Jefferson City. We seem to be uncovering them with great diligence. This weeks experiment led us to a restaurant with no discernable name other than "that family restaurant on high street" The sign on the front window said "Family Restaurant". It might be the name of the place or just a rather generic and less than dramatic declaration. I ordered the french dip. This was an error. It is my policy in trying new restaurants (based on long years of experience) to order as my first meal in a new place a meat-ball sandwich (if they offer it) or a french dip. If neither is offered I go for their closest approach to a roast beef sandwich. In this case it was not disastrous. My french dip was of adequate size and reasonable quality. the "dip' was filled with more chunks of what I'd rather not think about deeply than I liked but was flavorful and acceptable. The others in our party went for the buffet. I don't like to do the buffet, I can't really see the food well and find myself choosing poorly. *flashes back to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade* The meat loaf they chose was unpleasant from a distance. It was the featured lunch on the buffet. It was vile. People wound up eating strawberry Jello to kill the taste of the meat loaf. In most cases I am quite willing to try a place a second time in case I missed something the first time around or "they were having a bad" or something. I will offer the place no second chance. A meat loaf that I didn't have but still found reprehensible is just too great an offense. Lunch today will be left-over Subway. *sigh*

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