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Such news!

Two phone calls in quick succession this morning. What a day!

My visitors of this weekend, Hans and his grandson Wulf called from Denver (where they are visiting on business) to say that their cab had been rear-ended at the airport. Wulf hurt his foot and is little the worse for wear. Hans is my age, however and wrenched his back badly enough that he has postponed his business and would like to return to Munich. He doesn't want to fly, however, until his back is better. I don't blame him. I have invited the two of them to recuperate at my place, but I don't know if they'll take me up on it.

Shortly thereafter, I got a call from my son Joe. He is living in someone's foyer and working as a night watchman to keep ends together. He can't get work in Seattle as a UNIX admin, the bottom has fallen out of the market completely there. I may have to ship him back to Florida or assist him in other ways. Sheesh. I thought he was doing well. He told me so in every letter and phone call. Wish he had let me know he was out of work some time ago. I am sure I can find him admin work somewhere if not in Seattle.

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