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I woke this morning with the sarcastic phrase "go fluff your bustle" in my mind. I presume I was dreaming some sort of a period/costume drama. I don't remember dreaming at all. I woke multiple times during the night. I think last night was the Night Of The Tremendous Headache. I woke about 2am with a horrible sinus affliction. My bus driver told me she woke the same time with a massive headache too.

At 2am I was miserably in pain and suffering badly. I wandered the house for a while. I decided I wanted something warm to put on my head (that being my usual treatment for a sinus headache). I found a fedora. I can't see sleeping in a fedora. Later I will have some family member to locate a stocking cap and begin keeping it where I can find it.


No lunch plans today. I fear I will be afflicted with the sandwich I made this morning. I will have to search my office to find where I put it. It isn't in my briefcase. I hope I put it away somewhere. If I didn't do so I will be lunchless today. There is no cafeteria in this building.


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