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The second day back at work has reached its lunch hour. I feel compelled to emulate ringbark and will today institute a blow-by-blow, or - more correctly - a lunch-by-lunch account of my doings.

Yesterday saw my return to work with a "Mexican" special at the Deville Hotel's restaurant. It was less than thrilling in that the "taco" shell was constructed of the same shell used to make the "bowl" of a taco salad. This caused them to disintegrate upon being touched. Picking them up and eating them as tacos was out of the question. Service was slow and the food was mediocre. I will refrain from revisiting the Deville unless dragged there. In essence, I will be dragged to all lunches as I have no means of leaving the building for lunch without being invited (or inviting myself) to lunch with others.

Today's unremarkable repast was a ham sandwich, much mashed, left over from yesterday. The mashing was accomplished using the cassette player with which I listen to talking books. Altogether, it is an admirable device for crushing sandwiches. Who'da thunk it?


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