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Complications, complications, complications, that's a good thing.

Life is getting complicated.

    Complications du jour
  • Received a letter from Disability Determinations offering a conference.
  • Called DD and conferred
  • Work called and I report on Tuesday the 4th
  • I have a doctor's appointment Tuesday the 4th to discuss why the lump on the side of my head where my lemon-drop was removed is bigger then the original lump and still sore. I also have a lump the size of a pea in my left palm that is making me nervous.
  • I have two white cane classes next week
  • The handicap bus doesn't go to where I work.
  • Good news and bad news, I guess. My letter from DD indicates that they are within 2 weeks of making a determination. They determination is always "no," but that is just the way the bureaucracy works. I called and conferred, but what the Hell can anyone ask at such a thing? I get the feeling I missed a great opportunity, but it happened so fast I didn't even have time to get advice. I wonder if that is the way it is supposed to work?

    I will call back Monday and find out if "working" next week and getting paid will start the whole disability process over again. It is interesting timing that this offer of a some work comes just as the disability is being decided. My conspiracy gene is throbbing.

    I will have to call Monday and arrange to move my appointment to after work. No biggie, but inconvenient. I am getting very nervous about the lump inserted in my head by Dr. Rocks. It is bigger than the original, hurts, and is keeping me from wearing glasses.

    I can move the white cane classes to my lunch hour or some such but I must call and do so. I wonder if my teacher would walk around my building with me and help me find things? I don't know if I'll use my white cane inside. In a cube farm, it will be relatively easy to navigate.

    My plan at this point is to join a car-pool. The bus can take me to a grocery near the city limits (as far as the bus goes) where I can wait until some coworker passes by and takes me to the office. I can then get a ride back to the same spot and get picked up by the bus. Could make for a long day.

    Some of the above is bad. Some of the above is good. All of the above is complicating my life in little ways. *sigh*

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