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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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nanowrimo 2010

I forgot on Friday to call for a ride for today. I hate having to make my travel plans so far in advance. Now I am going to miss the meeting I wanted to attend. It is at RSB, they were going to talk about diabetes-related stuff today.

The weekend was uneventful. The workman expected Saturday did not show up. His daughter got into some finals or other at school and he had to attend. OK. He will be back Tuesday to rebuild an interior stairway. That will be disruptive as all get-out.

I did manage to carry ten boxes (banker's boxes. if you know them, about 18" by 18" by 24") of books and various heavy things to the basement. My back began to bother me so I headed off a day in bed by not carrying any more boxes. I must move another ten or so today. I will take a last load down to the basement in the morning to beat the stair destruction. Any that remain above at that time will have to stay a week. It is really depressing boxing up my life this way. I abandoned Tampa for Seattle in '99 and divested myself of a great many material possessions. I pared my life down to 19 bankers boxes and that which would fit in my Explorer in 2000 when I moved back to Misery. I pared it further when I moved from Hell (OK, Belle, MO) to Heck (All right.. Jefferson City). Now it is possible to put my entire life in 30 boxes, no Explorer required. Btw... anybody want to buy a '96 Ford Explorer? 60k miles, never been abused...

Gods this is getting depressing. No wonder I don't write in my journal as often as I used to.