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This is my end-of-the-week catch-up entry.

Friday/Today is "return of the workman" day. I will finally see the barely-erected book-shelves leveled and made more solid. I'm not sure why. In the last few weeks I have boxed up all my books. I can't read them. I can't get rid of them either. Some library would be delighted to have my collection but I can't bear to part with my old friends as yet. Re-construction of the interior stairway may begin today or tomorrow. That will be only a minor inconvenience as none of us use the downstairs much. It will limit access to the garage.

I have just noted that since March of 1999 I have

  • discarded a collection of over 600 video tapes (no, not porn)
  • boxed away nearly 1800 books
  • divested myself of five full rooms of furniture
  • parted with the waterbed that was as near and dear to my heart as any piece of furniture could be
  • stopped driving my car and put it up for sale,
  • divested myself of all but seven shirts, and five pairs of pants
  • dropped all my electronic gadgetry
    • no cell phone
    • no portable phone
    • no motion sensor in living areas
    • no "clappers"
    • no timers
    • no kitchen appliances or gadgets
  • given up cooking
  • given away 80 of my 110 cookbooks
  • divested myself of a full kitchen (that I paid nearly $4k for)
  • descended to myself typing on an out-dated computer that is rapidly receding into artificial-reef-hood.

I perceive a trend.

Thursday was the sort of yesterday which is becoming typical of my life. I spent the day surrounded by little old ladies fetching them coffee and preparing a lunch of - get this - hotdogs and melted cheese strips. *sigh*

Wednesday was a day when something happened. I'm sure of it. I know I was here. There must have been something going on. Well, I guess so.

Tuesdaysaw a workman in doing plumbing. A morning without running water and noisy inconveniences. He did electrical work all afternoon. The house is shaping up in little inconsequential ways that make a big difference. There is now a motion-sensitive light in the garage that shuts off automatically after 20 minutes. You can now get in the car and leave without doing so in the dark and without leaving the light on all day. The ceiling fan in the bath I use now has the fan and the light on separate switches. No longer must I pee in the midst of a hurricane wind. I can turn on the light and do my business, turning on the fan only when needed. Big deal. But it is nice.

Monday was a day of inconveniences. What a shitty holiday it has turned into. One of those generic things where we celebrate nothing in particular for no particular reason. I miss Washington's Birthday, Lincoln's Birthday and all the first form plays and middle-school writing assignments that once went with them. Is it really so bad to celebrate a particular president's birthday? Does Warren G. Harding have such a large following that he must be included in "president's day?" How about Martin van Buren, do his adherents need inclusion to avoid bruising his decomposing ego? Martin Luther King, Jr. Can have a day specifically for him, why not Abraham Lincoln or George Washington? Why not John or Bobby Kennedy? Why isn't MLK day called "Black Person's Day" or something if we are so into generica?. *snarl*


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