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Snowballs .... every one has a rock in it.

The last couple of days have been an unpleasant mixture of good and bad. It is unpleasant because nothing good seems to be unalloyed with bad and all the bad seems to intrude on something good.

nuniabizHas surfaced. I enjoyed a lengthy conversation with her. I have sought some replacements for my on-line community. LJ just doesn't seem to fill it. I haven't been back to Badvo or Bizvo but the common consensus from those who still watch is that they are not worth a return visit.

My work called and will have me in to attempt some "adaptive" software. I hope that there will be some job that I can still do. I really can see quite a lot, I simply am not ever going to read quickly or large volumes anymore. I hope whatever they find is not too stultifying, too mundane, too numbing.

My braille practice has not gone well. I can't develop the habit of doing it every day. I must get in some practice writing. I think things may go faster when I start writing things in braille.

I haven't used my white cane since I got it. I went and practiced in the mall a while back. I have resisted the white cane for some time. I don't really like branding myself so publicly. I can, however, move about better with it than without. I don't have to follow the walls and move from pillar to pillar and such to get around. That was a bit humiliating. All of the stupid little adaptations, following the curb, counting steps, all the drivel that makes it possible for me to get around without the white cane using gross visual references are in their own way quite humiliating. Somehow I don't know which I like less, the stupid accommodations or the blatant cane.

I got my last paycheck this week. It was three days of vacation pay, "floating holidays". I was glad to see it. I hope that I can go back to work. I have tried to find alternative employment outside the computer field - technical writing, that sort of thing. No dice. The things I'm qualified for don't pay much (at least not much by my former standards) and nobody's hiring anywhere. It is a bad time to be unemployed.

The Mighty Ed and I have been plotting and planning. We're going to do some writing and I hope to bounce down to Florida to spend two weeks doing little else. Of course, getting to FL is going to be interesting. I can't drive, can't afford to fly, and wonder about the busses and trains... Train fare runs $400, close to what plane fare would be. The bus trip is actually shorter than the train trip and would run around $140. I will have to see how things fall out but it looks like it's Greyhound for me.

See what I mean? Lotsa good things going on, but there's not a one of 'em that hasn't got a rock in it somewhere.


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