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What can be done about the poor manners and touchy attitude of the population? I mean, without a shotgun?

I got bitched out big-time for posting a poem.

Did I advocate white supremacy . . . Praise bin Laden . . . malign an ethnic group . . . advocate child molestation? No. None of the above. Apparently my action was more heinous... I put a border around a poem I posted.

It would appear that this affected the width of the screen of some individuals "friends" lists. I was bombarded with sarcasm, pitiable laments to the effect that "well, I guess I'll have to take this off my friends list now" and borderline abuse without a single individual telling me what the problem was or what browser they used.

I don't mind anyone mailing me to say "There's a problem. You should fix this," or "What you did is causing this problem," but I don't think I deserve to be bitched-out without an explanation. I test my stuff does any other damned "vanilla" poster of verse do so? Do they check it in all the common browsers? Do they try it in the default LJ styles before they post? I doubt it. And so all posts look like they could be pasted from a DOS window to notepad without losing a letter, obviating any of the value of HTML and the whole concept of transportable documents. Let's just all post everything in a monospace courier font - black on a white background.

That's the ticket! The least common denominator for the most common (and least) mind.


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