Karl (louderback) wrote,

I didn't complete my last entry, but my train of thought has been completely derailed and I don't even want to try to search the wreck for whatever I was thinking about.

Once again I arrived at the doctor's office only to discover that I didn't have an appointment. There was one of those last month. I always wonder what appointment I didn't keep when that happens. Would anyone care to recommend a good reminder/calendar program that doesn't involve leaving outlook running at all times?

Things are getting increasingly dreary. I have not been writing, I have not been "reading". I got an inquiry about a job but have heard deafening silence since.

The household situation is deteriorating. My computer in proximity to my mother and my sister is a disaster. I am having to flee the room on a regular basis just to breath. For a pair who are on the "stop smoking" track... well, let's just say that I am smoking about four second-hand packs a day.

I don't even want to finish this.

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