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Summing up

This week positively reeked, but some good things happened too.

The family is sick. My mother is recovering from her hospital stay and remains pretty week. She's on oxygen at home now. That's scary. She was up all night recently, which meant that I was up all night. That's the way things work around here.

My computer has been moved to the erstwhile dining room. It turns out to be sheer hell. The television and the oxygen machine as well as two ceiling fans insure that I am deaf at all times (I have tinnitis that causes white noise to "blank out" my hearing). The addition of a bright light source behind me at the left and right, and ahead of me at the right insure that I cannot see my screen due to glare and the wash-out of a bright source in front of me. Additionally, between the smoking all taking place within thirty feet of me (three smokers often, but always at least one) both I and my computer are suffering.

More later.

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