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I commented in this journal somewhere that SC has been bugging me to finish his story. I have resumed converting his diary into a story and will begin publishing parts of it on my primary site soon. I am working on a chronology at the moment. I have also completed limited biographies for some of his friends. I'll be adding bits and pieces to my web site.

I resolved to collaborate with the Mighty Ed for at least two weeks in the month of March. We are going to get together and publish some magazine articles. It should be fun, at the least.

I got a call from a recruiter today about a possible position in Baton Rouge. It is technical writing and a "lead" position documenting a conversion to HIPAA by a Medicaid project. I don't know if it would be a wonderful job in any way but I think it might well be worth doing. I've sent my resume and some additional information.


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