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Friend Me/You "Our Relationship"
about_poetry Lurker/Community I think "lurker" says it all. I was attracted to this community a while back. The forum is indifferently interesting to me. It seems to have failed of its purpose, namely being a forum not for the posting but for the discussion of poetry. The most of the entries seem to be surveys. It needs a starter of some sort, an interlocutor or some such to stimulate conversation. I'm to tired to try and be that.
adamgeek Lurker/New Hello, New Friend. I don't know much about you. I ran across a link to your journal somewhere and I liked your pictures. I read your info page, liked your interests - though I don't share many of them.
alice Lurker/Vanished I met you in Badvogato and have seen almost nothing of you since. Your journal has somehow fallen off my friends list either because you don't post much or because I've done something while organizing my friends using my bizarre "system."
amnesiacs Watcher/Specialty Hate's poetry corner. Hate is an incredibly prolific poet. Edgy stuff (don't put any x's around that, that's not what I mean).
athelstan Reader/Badvogatan Since the Badvogato days we haven't seen much of one another. I am disappointed in that forum but I still follow your journal. As I recall you followed me and Nuniabiz to this site. You may have been pulled in by Beastofexmoor. It was your post (inspired by enfuego) that inspired this one.
azhrarn Lurker/Mystery Azhrarn entered my life by telephone after I added him to my journal. I had an inebriated conversation with him once in which he tried to convince me a drunken lifestyle was a big deal. I don't want to get started about my college years. Haven't heard from him in LJ or by phone for a while. I wonder if my "system" has somehow eliminated him from my friends page too?
baddreams Administrator/Community This was intended as a collection point for dreams by Badvogatans. When that didn't work I opened it up to the world. It seems to be my solo spot for posting my own dreams. I wish I could think of a way to attract more posters. I was hoping we'd find someone somewhere who understood dream analysis (I am very poorly versed in the psychology that this requires).
beastofexmoor Watcher/Friend I remember your advent in Badvogato and your brief tenure there. You're one of the Seattle crowd that I follow. I've picked up a number of Seattle natives for some reason. I lived there a while. questor411 is there.
cruel_talent Lurker/community I'm new in this community. It is interesting, but I don't follow it closely, it's pretty uneven.
dazen Lurker/vanished I met you in Badvogato was delighted to see you join LJ. I don't know what has become of you.
dream_log New/community I'm hoping this is a more viable community than baddreams. i cross-post my dreams to both places.
estoude1 Fan/vanished The Mighty Ed, what more needs be said. I spend more time with you on AIM as your journal has died a lingering death. It's a little scary knowing you at times. I keep writing you into books, though.
etherintomatter Administrator/Community The previous admin forgot this community existed. When she asked for volunteers to take over admin I was the only one. I don't plan to do a lot with the place, just kind of encourage poets to post. I am disheartened that, previously a busy place, it has died since I introduced myself. *sigh*
fridalay Fan/vanished <singing>Where have all the drag queens gone?</singing> I never have picked my final choice for the "If I became a drag queen my name would be:" game. I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep my Borg name (1 2 many). I miss "the dictionary game". I don't have near as much fun when you're not around.
geekgrrl Watcher/Canadionian Met you in Badvogato and have followed you here and there. Don't hear much from you any more. I blame Susan.
godzilladc Watcher/Robot I watch for your mighty declamations with baited breath. Someday I'll publish your bee-ography and you'll be publicly humiliated. I will have my revenge. Muahahaha. Kewl site, btw.
hate Fan/Poet I saw you when your hair was blue although I cannot remember the circumstances at all. I looked at your journal and found your poetry. I like it. I admire your prolific persistence. I don't understand what it is you have to say but I keep reading.
iambic_5meter Lurker/community I'm new here. I genuinely enjoy the pieces that are authentically iambic pentameter. Too many are not. I do not seem to be capable of generating this form, but keep trying.
ljpoets Fan/community I like this place. The poetry here takes many forms and is generally very accessible. I have not contributed often.
linebyline Fan/community I love this place. I plan to be a regular contributor. I think the idea of a weekly line to stimulate projects is a good one. I may try this in etherintomatter save that I would take a dictionary definition and toss it out.
louderback Me/Me I don't like this guy. He doesn't really belong on my friends list. Mostly he is boring, but at least he is not an ass hole about his problems like some of the people in LJ.
liturae Admin/community *sigh*. I had hopes of this being the site of a great novel done in collaboration. Didn't happen. *sigh*

Since I "own" this I may soon delete it or dedicate it to another cause.
lj_maintenance Fan/community The owners of LJ do a fabulous job with it. I admire their administrative diligence. I just hope they're making some money on it.
lutron Fan/Adoptee I have an orange-haired troll on my desk wearing a yellow grass skirt and a strange lacy lei. I named him Hula Lu. I think that says it all.
mart One-time Observer/stranger I book marked the diary of mart because I liked the style. I intend to copy it someday, somehow. I just haven't got around to it.
no_pity Fan/community I'm an irregular poster here. I value this place. Everyone involved is genuinely understanding of the turmoils of getting used to a life-altering limitation be it physical, mental, emotional, or whatever. I can't say they've done much for me, but I couldn't deny that they have done me an incredible service. Just being there is important and they have been.
monkey_funkel Watcher/Kool guy I saw your name. I liked it. I read you info and saw your picture. I liked it. I read your journal. I liked it. I put you on my friends list. I've enjoyed it so far. I know nothing about you that I have not learned from your journal in the last few weeks. I like you anyway.
niralisse Huh?/stranger I added you to my friends list, removed you later, put you back, and can't remember on any occasion why I did any of them. I think you're a friend of Josh, Ryan and that crowd. Your journal keeps popping up. I'll figure you out someday.
njr Watcher/Friendofafriend I often read responses you've left to others whose journals I follow. I don't actually follow your journal but find myself hitting it every couple of weeks to catch up. I liked your picture and went to see if you had others. They were interesting and that is what convinced me to add you to my friends list.
nuniabiz Fan/Wife You are the only woman to whom I have been virtually married in alter-ego. What more needs be explained?
price Fan/Writer I noticed that you were one of the few people that gave writers any feedback. I checked out your journal, got hooked and added you to my list. Haven't regretted it yet...
queerpoets Fan/community The poetry here is so emotional and accessible that I added this community to my friends list. Can you believe I had qualms about doing so? "What will people think? That I like reading queer poetry?" Well, it seems I do. This community is active and filled with very good poems in a style that I don't particularly like. I can't argue that they do what poetry is supposed to do, though, touch the mind and emotions of the reader.
questor411 Fan/vanished adoptee Well, it was kewl while it lasted. Maybe you'll post again someday. It's cheaper than the phone bill. Maybe we can get Mendarie and Kayden going again.
randomthought Fan/community I love this place. It is a great idea, a thriving community, and a fun place.
reptile2005 Watcher/Badvogatan 'Reppie where you got to? Haven't heard much from you anywhere for a while.
ringbark Fan/Badvogatan I always think of ringbark in connection with Badvogato but I see more of him here than there. I enjoy his "My Life: lunch by lunch" approach in his journal. He is an interesting soul with a phenomenally interesting ability to be strange and wonderful without every stepping far from boring.
shatterer Fan/vanished I talked the best friend of my youth into starting a journal here. OK, I apologize. It wasn't fun after all. We are not all diarists. C'est la same old same old.
sirlance Fan/Angstlichkind I confess, I read your journal to keep my angst level up. You are my angst fix. I follow your journal eagerly. You don't really have a lot to say that I haven't heard but I can relate to all of it. You and are temporally disparate incarnations of the same abused kid. My theory is the soul we share was just to karma-laden to occupy one body in one generation.
soulcatcher Fan/Alter-ego Hiatus; SC and I don't get along all the time. He's been bugging me to finish his adventures for some time. I'll get around to it someday. When you find him on my "real" web side you'll know he has browbeaten me into finishing his story.
t1 Watcher/Stranger Who the Hell are you and why did I put you on my friends list. No matter. I found you however and prefer to have your journal pop up than not. I'm liking it so far...
theslave Fan/Angstlich Künstler Another Angst fix for me. I love the photos, the acerbic comments, the angstlich art. Your life is one to which I can relate while being wildly different from anything I've experienced. I am fascinated. I can't remember how I found you but I'm glad I did.
vjd watcher/friendofafriend I found you when you posted to a friend's journal (beastofexmoor?) I was struck by the initials (they belonged to the love of my life), investigated, added. I like your pic. By the way, you are in no way even remotely like your initial-sake Valerie Jean Dayton.
weeklywriters Fan/community This is a "happy place" for me. I've only posted twice in response to the "weekly" writing assignment, but I enjoy the concept. This place is similar to linebyline.
writers Watcher/community The place is dead and dull mostly. Most of the writing I never complete reading. I don't know why but it just hasn't been my kind of place. Nobody provides much feedback. Mostly is seems to be a "dumping place". I wish I could do something to turn it around.
writingfeedback Lurker/community So far as I can tell, this place is almost a complete failure in terms of its stated purpose. Nobody provides much feedback. Nobody responds very well when someone does. Another dumping place. I like its stated goals and hope it meets them. I am ready to abandon it soon.
xandyx watcher/friendofafriend I'm not sure where I found your journal, a post to someone on my list, I guess. I watch, enjoy. What more matters?

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