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catching up for the week

I need to catch up a bit. Well, I plan to catch up a bit, let's not start a discussion on need.


In addition to being blind I an now deaf most of the time. My hearing is good, but I have a sort of tinnitis. It sounds like static, so white noise tends to wipe out my hearing completely. Turn on the washing machine and I go deaf. In my living room there is a television (always on), an oxygen generator (always on), a ceiling fan (always on), and three computers (always on). Add to this a ceiling fan in the kitchen (always on) and a dishwasher in hearing distance (frequently on) and my aural landscape is sort of gabble, gabble babble gabble/ hummmm puff, swisht hmmmm, pooft/ swish, swish, swish/ (and more quietly) swip, swish, swip, swish/ hmmmmmm, hmmmmm, hmmmmm/ rrrrrrnnnnnnnr, rnnnnnnnnrrrrr, hmmm, hmmmm,/ huuuuuh, huuuuh, hmmmm/ with the occasional swooba, swooba, swooba, splash, sppppppprrrr, schwrrrrrrr, sppppppr. That translates as television/ oxygen machine/ ceiling fan, kitchen fan, my computer/ my sister's comptuter with it's cd drive constantly spinning up and shutting down because of the stupid power saving utility/ my mother's computer with its failing hard drive/ the dishwasher.

"Huh? Were you saying something to me?" shuts off the TV. "What? Just a minute," prys himself out of the desk chair or recliner, walks to the chair. "Now, what did you say?" "Oh nothing." "Oh. OK. I thought you said something," shuffling back and sitting down. Repeat ad infinitum.


A busy and frustrating day. My house is now a death-trap of oxygen tubes, computer cables, humming boxes, and rolling oxygen tanks. We had someone in to install a network. He connected my computer and my sister's to the network. We can now reduce our internet bill by 50%. Unfortunately, the whole reason for going with the network at this time was to get my mother on-line to give her something to do while she quits smoking. That didn't happen. *sigh* My computer moved to the living room with my sister's and my mother's. We now can compute in simultaneity and proximity.


My mother came home from the hospital. She probably should not have. I spent the whole day trying to get oxygen set up and contacting people. My sister was run ragged taking care of my mother and picking her up at the hospital. It was a complicated un-fun day. I had a dream unusual (even for me) that night and recorded it.


Back to the hospital. Did nothing else of any consequence. That night I dreamed and woke up sweating. I don't remember what the dream was.


Spent the day in St. Louis seeing Doctors Alsatian and Kidney. They came up with a theory for my vision that will pass for a diagnosis. Unfortunately they're not going to do anything to improve my vision. Spent the afternoon and evening explaining that to my mother and relatives. I dreamed of being enclosed in the hold of a ship. I did not record it.


I spent the day at the hospital. I mailed some forms to satisfy the bureaucrats. Crashed early that evening. Had a nasty dream about rats. I didn't record it.


My mother couldn't breathe and went to the Emergency Room. I spent the day dealing with that. I don't think much else happened.


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