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I'm not writing. I'm not doing much of anything. I need to find ways to fill my time. I hate make-work and would like to do something that interests me. The problem is that at the moment nothing interests me.

Every day gets more pointless. I sometimes wonder if it can get worse. That's tempting the fates. It always does.

I recorded a dream just a bit ago. I updated the Review site today also and addded Icebreaker, and The Devil's Code. I am really just killing time with these reviews. I don't have a wide enough circle of friends for this to be a fun thing for me anymore. It would help if I went to the movies the way I used to. Those were the good old days... we often went in groups of sixty or more.

*sigh* I nearly broke out in anecdotes there. Stop me before I spill my guts! Gods! I have no pride left.

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