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I wanna be somewhere else

Lousy day today. My mother's back is bothering her and she is in so much pain all the time that she can do little but sit in one place and cry. It tears my heart out. I keep pushing drugs at her but she doesn't want to take them. I don't blame her. I don't like sleeping all my time away either.

I got so emotionally exhausted that I fell asleep in the recliner about 15:00. I got up at some point and moved to my bed but I don't remember it. I slept and dreamed unpleasantly until around 18:00.

I wish I was somewhere else. I remember so many other places better than this. You can't go back, though. Miami was great for me, Tampa was good as well. I can't get either of them back, I guess. My son is trying for a job in Tampa and says I can come and live with him if he gets it. I always joked that my retirement plan was to go and live with each of my kids a year at a time... that would give my ten years of retirement and maybe by the time caught on I could make another round of all ten before they refused to take me in. Maybe it's coming true.

I wish I could write something. I'm stuck for a creative outlet. Maybe I'll take up the harmonica. It's cheap and I can think of it as a cheap revenge on the rest of the world. Nothing is quite as irritating to a stranger a playing the harmonica uninvited.

This is my life these days, plotting cheap, unselective revenge.


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