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Not my best day.

It's been one of those days. Can't seem to shake the feeling of something nasty impending.

My braille teacher was here after lunch and depressed me mightily. I just hate doing braille, that's the whole of it. I've been slacking off on my practice and it is largely because doing it is admitting that this is the way it's going to be.

I called RIO about my defective Volt. They basically said "RIO who? Wrong number! No hablo inglés! Don't call here no more! You go now!" Arguably it was the worst product-support experience I've ever had. The rep must have been having a bad day. Given the attitude, his newborn infant must have choked to death on the puppy that was chewing up his winning lottery ticket. I think the guy would have given me anthrax over the phone if he could have...

I haven't done any more on the review site. All links go to the old menu except the movies link. They all work, after a fashion. I've got to come up with a kewl site design. I seem to be doing ok designing my journal and various communities baddreams, Bloodrite. I mean, they're not spectacular, but at least the have a distinctive look to them. Wish I could find something professional and snazzy for the reviews. Maybe a newspaper-style format?


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