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An unnecessary trip.

Q: Where does Dragon milk come from?

I'm very tired and very frustrated today. Mistakes abound and bad news is not something I can handle well.

I went to see Dr. Rocks today. It turns out my appointment was for tomorrow. So I get my Handi-Wheels trip all set up and now I have to do it again. *Sigh*

My Aunt fell the day before yesterday (that would be the 8th) and spent all day yesterday in bed. She was able to get up today and go to breakfast, but it hurt so much she finally called her doctor. He sent her to the emergency room for an x-ray and it turns out she has a fractured vertebra. My Aunt is on a first-name basis with God, being nearly as old has he, and a broken back is not a good thing. I hope she recovers well, she doesn't get around all that well as it is.

I am going to suggest to the family that she come stay with us while recuperating. The expense is negligible, she enjoys being here, and she should have someone around her to help with little things.

A: Short-legged cows.

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