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Q: Why won't Hannibal Lechter eat clowns?

I've been reading my friends page for the last couple of hours. I am not having much fun doing so. What the Hell is happening?

I'm seeing a hideous trend in LJ entries, mine and those of people I watch. Angst and disgust is on the rise. More and more people are "quitting" more and more things. They are quitting LJ, favorite web sites, AIM, instant messaging in general, and the Internet in general.

What's going on, people? Are these some sort of grim New Year's Resolutions? I wonder if the economy is depressing the populace?

This is a whole new school of psychology a'borning … analysis of societal trends as reflected in Internet usage — NetPsych™. I'm put in mind of Hari Seldon and his science of Psychohistory in Asimov's Foundation Series. I wonder if Internet users are a sufficient statistical universe for analysis of Global Psychology™ (GlobePsych™).

Hmmm. I must begin to write. Ed. O mighty collaborator, where is you?

A: They taste funny.

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