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I'm forming these strange attachments...

Q: Why won't Hannibal Lechter eat divorced women?

Nothing unusual about today at all. I've been working on "attachments" for my LTD forms.


  1. Contact information for 11 doctors
  2. A description of my present condition
  3. A list of all my medications
  4. A detailed explanation of my daily routine
  5. My sleeping habits
  6. Any changes in my grooming capabilities
  7. When do I expect to return to work
  8. Changes in my eating habits
  9. Any assistance required in preparation of meals
  10. A list of my household duties
  11. Any changes in my shopping habits
  12. Complete (this one is short) list of hobbies
  13. Work history (essentially, my resume)

Mom and sister are gone. I have privacy. W00t! Big deal. What am I going to do, play the stereo loud, watch the porno channel, run around in my underwear? None of these are high on my list of priorities.

I reviewed two movies, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Planet of the Apes. I realize these are old movies, but I'm just doing catch-up. These are things currently on the pay-per-view channels. I have actually been working on these reviews for a few days, I just got around to finishing them up today.

I have absolutely no plans for the evening except finishing up all those blamed attachments.

A: Too bitter.

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