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No plans today

Q: What do you call a valley-girl with one leg longer than the other?

Nothing much to report today. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. It is so late in the day I can't use Handi-Wheels so I will have to work out a ride. I plan to talk to Dr. Jujube about my fall on the 23rd, and a long list of other issues.

I've just finished "reading" duke of Cleveland: a Milan jacovich mystery which I didn't much enjoy. It hooked me in early but I lost interest fairly quickly. Mysteries are not usually my thing. I, early on, tend to hypothesize about "whodunnit" and have enough WAGs (Wild-Assed Guesses) that one of them is usually right. A mystery has to hold my interest long enough for me to find out which one of them was right. My favorite solution is not usually the one the author picks. Whatcha gonna do? I will review it in the next day or so. The book has been around since the middle 70s, I think.

I have no activities whatsoever planned for today. I think I'll take a nap. </div>
A: Like, not even!

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