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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Braille and reviews
nanowrimo 2010
Q: How do you get a Harvard graduate off your front porch?
I dreamed again last night. I remember two and both were somewhat unpleasant in recollection. Though neither was exceptionally horrible while I was dreaming. I did not sleep well last night.

Just made an appointment to see my Braille teacher on Friday. I have been slacking off on my braille practice. I must be diligent for the next few days so as to be ready. I have pretty much finished the braille alphabet. I just need to get comfortable with letters and numbers so as to increase my speed.

Braille practice is my only mission this week. I can't do much with work until things gear up again. That will likely not be until around Monday the 7th. You know how it is after New Years. It takes a few days to get back to the normal rhythms.

I just finished a "western" by Robert F. Jones called deadville. I enjoyed it and will review it sometime today. It will be my first e-book review. If I don't do movies, I'll review what I "read" and what I see on TV. I will be doing TV reviews of Shrek, Titan A.E., A knight's tale. and Final Fantasy</i> in the next day or so. These links will take you to a "not yet" page until I get the reviews written. You can check to see if they are in place at the main page — if there's a link there, the review is done.

I guess I'll be typing most of the day.

A: Pay him for the pizza…