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A wedding and a dream

Q: What's black and brown and looks good on a lawyer?
I got married today.

There's an article all about it on Badvogato titled Dearly Befuddled.

Apart from that the day has been unexciting. I woke up feeling less than well. I was supposed to do an encore of LOTR at 15:00 but I called an cancelled. I think I am coming down with a cold or something. I have been feeling rotten all day. To make matters worse it has been one of those Discovery Channel sort of days. The sort when there's so little available on TV that you resort to watching twenty-year old documentaries about how birds are actually the ultimate evolutionary byproduct of slimeickius stentor (the howling slug) or some such. A day of that sort of programming makes me want to wrap a mummy in the shroud of Turin, pound it to dust with the jawbone of a dinosaur, and throw the bag of dust into a volcano during a rain of frogs. Y'know?

I did dream in unmemorable fashion last night. I've recorded something even though it is nothing much.

I've been chatting most enjoyably with the Mrs. of and on all day. I am online that much anymore. I need to develop the habit.

A: Rottweilers.

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