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Catch up a bit...

Q: What do you get when you cross a Hell's Angel with a Jehovah's Witness?

This is sort of a catch-up entry. I haven't posted much even though I've posted most every day. I feel bad about the dreary poetry and Christmas-eve post but I can't begin to explain how bad the situation has gotten.

I feel like I'm grasping at straws constantly. I can only take so much rejection. Won't somebody please win the lottery and give me a million or two … just a suggestion.

Christmas was a nothing much for me. It always is. My family doesn't have much Christmas spirit and I, personally, am so resentful of the seasonal media blitz that it just knocks out of me any hint of cheer.

Let's see … over the past few days I've received a large corner-unit desk from RSB. They're going to get me a computer better than my Compaq Presario (not that that would be hard) and load it up with my screen readers and text-magnifiers and the like.

My Christmas present this year was a two-CD set of La Wally. I have been enjoying it. Opera seldom approaches what I think of as musical excitement no matter how much you like opera. Excitement is a relative term in this sense. La Wally does not approach excitement. In fact, it tends to shy away from it and when caught lurking in the shadows to cast down its eyes and shuffle its feet while mumbling inarticulately. Which is to say, it is a marvelous opera on a soothing note, not a high excitement piece. I particularly enjoy La Bella Creatura in the second act. Sonorous is the word to describe it. I was thinking of reviewing the CD, but I think that will not happen.

My review site will probably go down in flames this week. When I mentioned my plan to try and see a movie each week and review it, my family was unhappy. Ten bucks a week. And, I confess, I am bringing in no income. That is the equivalent of my internet connection. I get a lot more use out of that had I to choose. I had planned to see Jimmy Neutron and Monsters, Inc. this week (a double feature, wow!) but I think that will be postponed.


I am constrained to the limits of my computer for music at the moment. I absolutely hate the fact that my computer stops every sixty seconds or so and picks up again at some random point in most songs. I think it is a memory problem, but it may also be drive-related. Playing music on my computer is more frustrating than enjoyable. I picked up a RIO but it threw craps a while back. I don't know if I plugged it up badly or it just broke somehow. That won't get repaired or replaced anytime soon. So I am pretty much without tunes.

Gods! I am depressing me. More later or tomorrow. I'm back to recording my dreams. I just feel better when I do so. I am still worried about the frequency and intensity of them.

A: Someone who knocks on your door on a Sunday morning and tells you to fuck off!

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