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Depressing poem du jour

Give and Take

The joy is brief and the sorrow long for a gift once given then withdrawn.

I found upon a leaf of grass a bubble that made a looking glass
and smiled at my hair, tousled by wind, that blew my mirror to earth again.

I watched a lion of drifting cloud and smiled as the lion wet the ground
then the wind my lion slayed and storm brought darkness to my glade.

In a shower that freshened all the world a rainbow's shining arc uncurled
'til sunlight burned the color away to leave behind ordinary day.

I walked a foggy mountain path that led to a giant's lair at last
that was seen to be no more than stones when sunburnt fog left the fields alone.

I heard my love's laugh on the air but could not find her anywhere
and found her naught when I went to look but found in her stead a laughing brook.

Give not a gift that does not weather, to give no gift is surely better.
Take not back what you have given free for you steal a joy that should not be.

The joy is brief and the sorrow long for a gift once given then withdrawn.


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