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Vote! It's your patriotic duty!

Q: How do you contact a lawyer?

Not much of a day today. I spent the day listening to an audio tape called The American West I will review it when I have completed the whole thing. It is about three tapes. I am not sure there is any reason to review the tapes I listen to as they are not available to the general public (I think) but only through the various agencies for the blind.

Have bee listening to a present received the other day, La Wally, an opera by Catalani. It is a relatively obscure work, seldom performed (in this country at least) and sort of a "one hit wonder" of opera as Catalani has done nothing else that is popular. Even La Wally is not popular. It would be unknown to most save that it was the soundtrack to the movie someone to watch over me.

Watching TV tonight, I realized I missed the tick.

Damn. I hereby rename all the days of the week:

  • Sunday
  • Monday
  • 24day
  • Wednesday
  • Ticksday
  • Sopranosday
  • Saturday
Tonight's Chronicle is a repeat of the first or second episode. Rats. The rare occasions when I remember to watch it I always get a re-run. TV is not my friend.

I can't decide what movie to see next week.

Pop Quiz: What Movie should I review next week?

Vote by reply.

  1. black knight
  2. serendipity
  3. Max keeble's big move
  4. shallow hal
  5. Joe somebody
  6. how high
  7. Ocean's 11
  8. Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the ring
  9. Behind enemy lines
  10. vanilla sky
  11. Monsters. Inc.
  12. Jimmy neutron: boy genius
  13. The Majestic
  14. Not another teen movie
  15. Harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
I will collect votes 'til next tuesday when I have to arrange my Handi-Wheels ride.

A: Draw a pentagram on the ground and conjure him.

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