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A new beginning

A day of fiddling with things. I have accomplished quite a bit that doesn't amount to much.

I am creating a sub-journal to be contained within my regular journal (yes, I know I could create another journal. Maybe I will.)

My white cane tutor arrived today at 15:00. Connie is her name and she is the mobility person for RSB. She seems a cheerful positive person. Hope she never comes by on a Monday morning, there would be blood everywhere.

Connie will order me a cane and we will go practice. Hopefully I'll learn to turn the direction people tell me to turn and to cross the mean streets of Jefferson City streets and big, wide, open, scary, parking lots.

Here's installment 1 (my second adventure really) of The Handi-Wheels Adventures

The Handi-Wheels Adventures!


The plan:

    LOTR! Lord of the rings is actually playing at the Goodrich Capitol 8 cinema! I'll go Wednesday the 19th for the first showing! There might be a line. I'll get there a little early. Now to call the theatre, order my tickets by credit card, and schedule my Handi-wheels expedition plenty early so I don't have to fight the line.

The Execution:
    I can't buy an advance ticket. You don't want to hear the conversation I had with the manager. Paying with a credit card is also not an option. "We do have an ATM in the lobby…"

    Not having a ticket in hand I decided to get to the theatre about an hour ahead of the first showing. Lines in Jefferson City, MO can't be all that long.

    They can't tell me the time of the first showing. You don't want to hear the conversation I had with the manager.

    No problemo! I'll just wait and check the web site Tuesday as I have to schedule my trip on Wednesday a day early. That's the way Handi-wheels works. Call them before 5:00 the day before and you get a ride!

    By 4:30 Tuesday the web-site is still not admitting that LOTR will be playing. Doubts assail me. Did he just say they were going to show it to get rid of me? Was I that much of a pain in the ass? Well, probably, "yes." Is it showing? Is it not? What time?

    Ah ha! The good old moviephone!

    That number didn't work here. 222-FILM (888-FILM)is not as universal as they would have you believe.

    I called directory assistance. No "person" line, just the film announcements. I listen to the recording. It is now 4:30 and LOTR is not mentioned. Nor is any alternative phone number. I called directory assistance again. Asked for a "manager's office" number. No dice. Time is getting away, I've got to call Handi-Wheels!

    What to do? What to do? OK. I've got it. I'll just show up at the theatre when they open (a little before) and try to get near the head of the line. The recording said they open at 11:00, the first show is bound to be 11:30 or 12:00. I called Handi-Wheels. They arranged a pick-up at 10:30 and a return home whenever I give 'em a call. Kewl!

    Once 5:30 rolls around, the web site announces LOTR is showing, first show is 12:30. The recording gets around to it around 6:30. Both say first show is 12:30. I'm gong to LOTR! Nyah Na Na Na Na Na!

    Wednesday rolls around. Handiwheels is five minutes early. I scoop up my Indiana Jones Stetson (de rigueur moviewear)

    and my leather jacket and bounce (well shuffle) out to the bus. No other passengers in evidence. Any chance of a side-trip to make me late? Well, we'll see. The driver is good ol' Reggie, who recognizes me and is friendly even asking after my last adventure.

    We go straight to the theatre. We're there at 10:50. The box office is open ten minutes early (don't happen in Miami, Tampa, or Seattle, but this is Jefferson City, after all). I get my ticket, for the 11:30 show (what happened to the 12:30?) and I'm set.

    Auditoriam 6, you say? Rings B? Uh… yeah. Right! OK! Gimme a 50-gallon drum of Diet Pepsi and I'll find it!

    It took a while. I seem to have a bad problem with left and right these days. They guy said on your right and I turned left at the end of the concession counter. Oh well. I didn't go far. I was able to read Vanilla sky on the overhead sign by tilting my head back until my nostrils were horizontal (don't think about it) and knew I had turned the wrong way. Quick correction and I made it to the auditorium. I went in the left-hand door, down the aisle to my favorite spot, center-aisle and about one-third back from the front row. Only a 30-minute wait until it started.

    Of course you've spotted it by now.

    Yes, I did have to get up and go to the bathroom. It was at least a five-gallon drum of Diet Pepsi, what do you expect? The trek to the bathroom wasn't bad. I made it up the aisle by keeping my hand on the backs of chairs. That worked today. In a full theatre I might well get slapped. Might work out … getting slapped is sometimes worth it.

    I had traversed the entire length of the lobby where the concession stand was. I knew that the toilets weren't on that side. I meandered and found the first opening. I couldn't read the symbol on the sign, but I definitely saw an "M" at the beginning of the word so I went for it. Found the urinals, did my business, turned left out of the mens room and knew I'd gone the wrong way again when I came to the womens toilet. About face! back down the lobby, around the standees (no people, thank goodness) and back to the auditorium. I probably missed Barliman Butterbur, but no biggie.

    I forgot to count rows.

    I meandered to about where I like to sit, stepped across a man with white pants and prayed he was the same one I had passed on the way out. Bingo! I found my hat and coat at center aisle, sat down and resolved to some major leg-crossing before I'd make the trip again.

    The escape was easy. I made it back to the lobby by the expedient of waiting until most had left. Unencumbered, I phoned Hand-Wheels to come and get me and settled down to a resigned wait. They got there in ten minutes. A driver I've never met, a white-haired man who seemed unconversational. I sat in my seat quietly. We went straight to my home. Voila! I've been to the movies!

    I left at 10:30 and returned home at 2:55 in the afternoon › per the plan, better than expected.

    Next week, Vanilla sky?


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