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So many hours, so little time.


    I enjoyed your poem on Badvogato. IMHO you have some real potential as a writer. It seems to me that you plan your work as you go, not actually extemporizing so much as exposing a crystallized preconception. Am I right?


    As I approach full geezerhood, 19 seems more and more like infancy. "Wow, I'm old and stuff," remind me to knock you about young whippersnapper! Your life sounds as exciting as mine. Go forth and debauch young man! (is debauch a verb?) Well, do it anyway. You have nothing to lose but your regrets and several levels of virginities.

This is another of those tedious mornings when I awoke hours ahead of schedule. I've been reading, so there is a silver lining of sorts. My resolution to do some writing has flagged. I haven't even been to Bad other than to browse.

I'm tired of not feeling good. In an e-mail yesterday Doc Aruba assures me that I'll "get used to it". I wonder if that is a good idea. Should I raise my threshold of crappiness to the point where this feels OK? Yeuuch (to coin a phrase).


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