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The Birth Certificate Fairy Has Struck Again ...

The theatre manager told me that the local theatre would carry LOTR after all. "People made such a fuss about it we changed our minds and decided to get it in."

Is the man out of touch or what?

So I have called Handi-Wheels and arranged to be dropped at the Theatre at 11:00 Wednesday. No advance tickets are to be sold. No, they won't announce the time of the first showing, but, "If you show up at 11:00 you won't have long to wait." *sigh* You'd think there was some sort of problem with me giving them my money.

Local theatres are barbaric by the standards of Miami, Tampa, or Seattle. They don't sell advance tickets. They don't offer a calendar. You can buy a book of tickets in advance, but there is only a 5% discount and the tickets cannot be used for any "feature" film (what else do they show?), no credit cards are accepted and tickets cannot be ordered by phone and picked at the window (that last got me a belly laugh from the guy on the phone).

I may hit the theatre and stay a while. I'm taking two twenties and will see, at least, LOTR and Vanilla Sky. Watch my review site Wednesday (after 8pm Eastern Time) for my reactions.

I rode Handi-Wheels to the Department of Health today to get a copy of my birth certificate. Hallelujah! The woman who helped me get one 20 years ago was there and after about two minutes of talking to me said "I remember you!" After about a fifteen minute search she came back from the files … "You know, after all the trouble we had to get this the first time, I ordered extra copies. I have three more besides this one." Then she handed me a 20-year-old "original" copy of my birth certificate. Something good happens when I least expect it.

Now that I have my Birth Certificate I can apply for Social Security. *sigh* A mixed blessing I guess.

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