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Went to the movies

A momentous day. I did things today. I did things today.

Mostly what I did was go to the movies. I saw Harry Potter. The experience was not what I call a good one because of my transportation. My Handi-Wheels ride picked me up at 11:47 and dropped me at the theatre (three miles away) at 12:30, ten minutes late for my movie. I must allow much more lead time on my pick-ups and presumably on my drop-offs as well. *sigh*

That aside, I enjoyed Harry. As a consequence of now having a dilatory means of transportation, and the opportunity to go to the movies (somewhat futile, but it's something to do) I have resurrected my habit of doing movie reviews. Previously this was a matter of my mailing my reviews to interested parties. Now it is a web site. I had designed this site for another purpose. It was a small matter to convert it. If you are interested in Karl's Greatly Biased Media Reviews (KGB), you can find it here.

I stopped at the bank on the way home and got $20 in dollar coins for my handi-wheels fares. That will probably annoy them.

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