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I'm looking for downloadable (mp3) music from the opera La Wally, by Alfredo Catalani. If you've seen it or can upload some for me I'd be delighted and grateful. Searches of Morpheus and Audiogalazy Satellite found nothing. Catalani is the One-hit Wonder of the opera world, having had only one work that anyone remembers, La Wally.

I've been up since 3:00. I just couldn't sleep. I woke and tried to play some games. The only computer games I can still manage at all well are solitaire and Risk. Both are quite boring. I just couldn't bring myself to write at that hour and just killed time until around six. Naturally, as soon as it was time to get up I was sleepy again. I napped for nearly three hours this morning. This is usually a fruitful time for dreams, but I had none. I dreamed during the night, but nothing worth recording, just the same old stuff.

I have no Xmas Spirit at all.

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