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The "little man" . Yeah. Right. Ed. Little. Ha.

Today I met on AIM
A little man who wasn't in.
He wasn't in again this night…
How I wish he'd get it right!

I attempted to chat with The Mighty Ed today and discovered that his AIM was active but with no Ed behind it. I tried it again this evening and he wasn't there again. I'll bet he's off somewhere singing Me and My Shadow. There's a image.

I must acknowledge that TME* has been my savior of late, being the last bastion of conversation that has not sunk into the well of the utterly mundane and sheeted over with the ice of "Well, you seem to be handling things pretty well: It could be worse…"

I really hate people's tendency to talk to me about nothing. I'm starving for conversation more significant than the weather and with greater depth than reminiscences. It's nice to play "remember when " and such but I am sadly lacking in the human contacts I need to have a conversation with someone who does not already know my every opinion. And, may the Gods witness, I am utterly tired of those who must discuss my affliction. It's old news to me, if new to them. Once you've caught up with the fact that I can't see must you folks sing me a litany of those who have it worse. I'm deeply grateful that I haven't blown my legs off or had my intestines raveled out onto a threshing machine … Were it necessary for me to choose between these hideous afflictions and my blindness I would opt for my present situation. It is not however an option. Why do you persist in believing that some sort of Schadenfreude in the grotesque deformities and hideous afflictions of others will somehow make me feel better? I am bitter and unhappy, not monstrous. Monstrous comes later, with sniping from the roof and mailing earwigs to day-care centers, give me time!

* TME, The Mighty Ed …

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