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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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none of my usual tricks work...
nanowrimo 2010
I need to write.

I am becoming "spiritually constipated".
Anybody got an emotional laxative?
A spiritual stool softener?
A Deus ex-lax machina?

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hope this can lend a possible hand? it helped me when i created it, a couple days ago.
breath! that works to..

That is a fascinating pic. Is it your own creation or did you find it? I'll use it for a source and try to write something about it. Thanx!

Glad I could help*

I created it the other day. all of the pieces I combined are in a recent entry in my "journal" (more of a sketchbook for me..)

so will i be allowed to read results? :)

Rest assured that whatever I write (nothing yet) I will post it in writers. I'm a jerk about that sort of thing... I post what I write even if I know it is not good. What's the point of writing that is unseen...

Thanks again.

The mirror sky reflects those things

which are not there and so it sings.

Heaven sees what cannot be

beside the earth, beside the trees.

Impossible things soar upward high

reflected in a mirror sky.

Unseen the earth that we behold

Shown rather is a world fourfold.

Where earth is sky and shining bright—

Where water is become the night—

Where air is sea and filled with fish—

And fire is answer to every wish.

And from the earth in the mirror sky

Man gazes upward to see the lie

Of what might be and never will

and continues in the world that's real.

A private viewing...

*taken aback*

it definetely seems as though you block came down... at least temporarily. funny thing is, usually i am done with a piece once I copyright it - then on to the next thought/vision/whatever. This one may just need a sequal. (
beautiful. do you consider it complete?

Yes, for all purposes it is complete.

I usually go back and revise such things when I put them on one of my web pages.

Most block breakers like this I regard as "throw away" items and never do much with them but store them on a CD somewhere against the day (hopefully) distant when my demise will make my poetry valuable and my estate richer (to what end I'm not sure). *smirk*

I would enjoy seeing a sequel… take a run at it!

If you actually liked this and are not just being polite and encouraging (Thanx! either way) you may find my poetry page of interest, my evil twin SoulCatcher's Hortatorium, a page of poetry, or some of my story efforts (none of the full novels are online, somebody would steal them).

Thanx muchly for the assist in getting started — jump-started, I should say!


I will definetely have a look. and all pushs to get you out of that torturous /....\ were sincere.

if you want i'll let you know if/when the other comes along.

bonjour :P

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