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Accomplishments? Well, yeah, I guess so.

Today will be a day of filling out forms.

Better than Karnak! I was right!

I need to accomplish several things today.

I didn't.

I must embark on another telephone odyssey and get in contact with HR in Tampa;

I did it! I actually talked to a person. Of course it boiled down to "Let me take your name and number and I'll have someone call you back," but at least I talked to a person. She was utterly disconcerted when she uttered the phrase above and I laughed at her. I didn't mean to be rude, but I've heard that a dozen times now and nobody has ever called back.

reach my boss;

He e-mailed me with a list of phone numbers. I had them all, I think, but at least I got that much. I hope things go smoothly.

contact Rehab;

Left a message. No callback.

and call payroll.

Ha! Nobody home. Eventually after trying three different numbers I left messages at all three. They'll call me back. Yeah right.

Then I need to accomplish a few other things; fill out disability forms;

filled 'em out. Didn't get it done in time to mail today.

update my address in the company database (that by the way is so utterly bogus, the I receive mail from them nearly every other day, at least once a week and they sent me mail saying that they didn't have the information … duh!);

I still can't sign on to the site. I can't navigate the voice recognition ("To hear an annoying beep press 1" "To waste more time, press 2" "To give the operator a laugh, press 3" "You have just pressed 3. To confirm that you have just pressed 3, press 3 again.") "system." I'll write 'em a letter.

follow up on Handi wheels;

Didn't have to. My travel card arrived in today's mail. I can now get around town for $1 per trip! Woo hoo! Now if I just had some place to go and something to do when I get there! Oh well. It will be useful for doctor's appointments.

and write a letter to HR about my LTD situation.

Well, that didn't happen. Tomorrow.

Guess I'll be busy.

… and to top it all off — I hab a cooowd id by doooze!

Alga Zeltzer Cooowd Bedizine rocks! I hab nebber had zuch quick releev.


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