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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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A novel demise?
nanowrimo 2010
Today sucked big time.

I heard from two of my friends today. One is living in Chattanooga the other in the wilds of the NorthEast. The Mighty Ed and I exchanged groaners from the groaners site. I am dead to him.

I phoned a local lawyer specializing in disability cases, a Mr. Dootell. He basically said, call me when you get ready for your appeal.

I have a cold. It puts me in a crappy mood. I am tired and miserable. I'm thinking of putting out a contract on myself. It would be a relief. Can anyone suggest a novel way to die? Something better than drowning in caterpillars or being painted in dayglo-latex.

And, it goes without saying you'd have to know a hit man who could handle it …