Karl (louderback) wrote,

b bl bla blah blah blah bla bl b

I really have nothing to say.

But I've never let that stop me.

Chatted a few minutes today for the first time in a while. I haven't talked to much of anyone on AIM or even by phone for a month. I am getting isolated. Surprise!

I took the "death test" today. Apparently I've got until October 8, 2008 at the age of 70 years old.
On that date you will most likely die from: Heart Attack (30%)
Cancer (30%)
Alcoholism (6%)
Horrible Accident (6%)
Third Degree Burns (5%)

That was morbid. I think I'll try for the heart attack, the others sound rather drawn out and painful. Now let's see, this will involve donuts, red meat, doritos, gotta have doritos, bean dip? Is bean dip bad for your arteries? Well no matter, I like bean dip.

I am developing a quiz for Quizvogato titled: "Which Bizvogatan's Sex Life Does Yours Resemble" or something like that.

Now, to sleep, perchance to dream of survey questions…

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