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Been another blah day

I need to write. I need to compose. I find I can only blather.

Today was preceded by a night of interrupted sleep. It presaged a bad day most accurately. I had a nightmare about being bitten by a rattlesnake. How's that for a bad omen.

I have rested better lately in any place that is not my bed. I can't tell you why it is easier to sleep elsewhere. Perhaps the pillows are at it again? Truth be told I need a new bed. A waterbed is my favorite but I am minded to try one of the air beds. Anybody have any sage advice on the subject?

Weather is dreary, vaguely rainy, and very explicitly cold. I've been avoiding the outdoors less than my usual (go figure) by taking out the trash and going to the mailbox. Both activities involve more discomfort than is reasonable with such an activity. I long for Fiji, Tahiti, the Caymans, some place that has climate instead of weather. *sigh*

OK. I am talking about the weather. I have nothing to say.

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