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The theme park of my life: the lines at the roller-coaster are too long!

A roller—coaster of a day.

And what a boring roller—coaster it was. The high—point of the day consisted of an hour alone while my sister took my mother to the doctor. The low was that I used that hour to start the movie Spy Kids. I enjoyed the movie, but I think there were a lot of visuals I didn't get.

I was told of an interesting web site. Movie reviews by a blind reviewer. I thought it novel, and I suppose it is. It turns out that the reviewer and almost never agree about a movie. My A's are his B's and my wastes of time are hits for him. *sigh* It would have been nice to find a compatriot. It seems that now that I have a community to call my own in the blind I must be an outcast there as I was before I found a community. I'm tired of being the weird one in the group.

No plans for tomorrow. Nothing doing for the weekend.

I haven't written anything on any story for over three weeks.

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