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nanowrimo 2010


Diary of a Blind Madman

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Worthless day
nanowrimo 2010
Had to cancel my movie tonight. Not feeling at all well. I'm hungry, nauseous, have a headache and a strong conviction that this assortment of drugs is not for me. I hate feeling nauseous. I hate being hungry, What a pisser of a day!

Most every thing that could go wrong today did. I was late to work due to another idiot with a fish on his car. He decided to direct traffic. He stopped his car to let some through a moving line of traffic. Waved to them to make a left and, of course, directed them right into the front of oncoming traffic. No one was badly hurt but I truly wanted to get out of my car and beat the moron senseless. What makes him think his concept of "politeness" or "friendliness" as a driver overrides the rules of the road? Moron!

Then of course my new and not particularly skilled assistant needed hours of assistance. I got nothing done until after lunch. I then spent the afternoon feeling increasingly nauseated and decided to leave ten minutes early -- only to meet my boss on the way out. There is no justice. I never see her when I stay late! Nor she me!


Driving home another fishmobile (honest) ducked in an out of traffic to the point where I changed my route to avoid her. It cost me an extra fifteen minutes getting home so I lost any benefit of leaving early. Karma. I hate Karma.