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changes that don't amount to much

A worthless afternoon spent trying to make some headway in rectifying my situation.

  1. I contacted the Independent Living Center and tried to contact their disabilities determination specialist. She, of course, is out for the holiday. She'll contact me Monday.
  2. Phoned the Benefits Center and spent 45 minutes pushing buttons trying to get to someone to talk about benefits. All I succeeded in doing was to get my "ID" cancelled.
  3. Dr. Canasta says he will write me a letter supporting that I am not "disabled" if I like.
  4. Dr. Lieder (radiology) called with an appointment for Monday to determine if Junior and/or the rest of my head needs irradiation.
  5. Dr. Canasta's office informed me they need to re-do my blood test (examining hormone stuff) and was positively cagey about not telling me why I need to give blood again. Did they lose the sample? Are they doing it again because they didn't believe it the first time?
  6. I called my HR representative locally. She had gone home for the holiday (I presume) and will call me Monday.
I actually hate this list quite a lot.

I spent computer time (my time was spent on the phone) letting downloads run in the background. I acquired quite a lot of music (I listen to everything) and was pleased with a version of Ave Maria from the Vienna Boys Choir. There were a number of pieces by the VBC and I grabbed several. they have a sound unique in all the world. I was also extremely fond of An der schönen blauen Donau (Blue Danube). It was originally a choral piece, but I have heard it only as an instrumental for so many years I had nearly forgotten that.

Writing is becoming a pain. I am going to continue this journal through the holidays then I am going to alter my habit and post once a week or when something noteworthy happens. It is simply getting too hard to write very much. I want to reserve my writing efforts to my stories and I don't expect to post much to my usual haunts (Badvogato or Bizvogato. It is increasingly difficult for me to read these sites and I have more or less reached the point of diminishing returns. I am not leaving either site but don't expect to see me post very much.

I have converted SC's stories to Abiword (I am abandoning MS Word) and will be doing updates there. I have written the ending to his tale but have numerous intermediate chapters to get to that point. When I get a synopsis done I'll post it on his site for those who have an interest.

I am going to write another novel. This one will be intended for commercial viability. One way of looking for an alternative profession, I suppose.

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